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Most full costumes hire at $65 for a weekend with a $60 security deposit!  | We accept  credit card We accept Mastercard and Visa or EFTPOS  

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V   W   XYZ  
V For Vendetta   Waitress   Xanadu (and Mork)

      Vader Darth   Warlock   Xena Warrior Princess  
      Valentino   Warlord   Xmas Helper  
      Valkyrie (Norse Maiden)   Warrior Princess   Xmas Tree  
      Vampire   Washington George   X-Men  
      Vanessa Kensington (Austin Powers)   Wayne Bruce (Batman)   X-ray (Skeleton suit)  
      Vegas Showgirl   Wayne John   X-Wing Fighter Pilot

          Venus   Wednesday Addams   Y  
          Vermin   Wench   Yankee  
          Vet   Wendy   Yashmak Dancer (Belly dancer with veil)  
          Vicar   Werewolf   Yellow...

              Victorian   Western   Yeti  
              Viking   Wham!   YMCA (Village People)  
              Village People   Where The Wild Things Are   Yoda  
              Villain   Where's Wally   Yogi Bear  
              Virgil Tracey(Thunderbirds   White Angel   Yoko Ono  
              Virgin Mary   White Rabbit   Yul Brynner ('King and I')  
              Voldemort   White Witch      
              Von Trapps (Sound of Music)   Who Doctor   Z  
                  Whoopee Goldberg      
                  Wicked Witch of the West   Zena Warrior Princess

                      Will Scarlett (Robin Hood)   Zeus  
                      William Shatner   Ziggy Stardust  
                      William Wallace (Braveheart)   Zombie  
                      Willie Nelson   Zombie Alice  
                      Willy Wonka   Zombie slayer

                          Wilma Flintstone   Zoo Animal  
                          Winehouse Amy   Zookeeper  
                          Wise Man   Zoot Suit  
                          Witch (black)

                              Witch (purple)

                              Zuko Danny (Grease)  
                                  Witch Doctor   Zulu Warrior  
                                  Wizard   ZZ Top  
                                  Wizard of Oz      
                                  Wolfgang Mozart      
                                  Wonder Woman      

                              Costume Hire

                              Costume Hire Melbourne - Costumes A to Z - Thousands to Choose from at Centrestage Costumes Melbourne


                              "Thank you. I would like to say that your company is the best by far to deal with.  From the first call and yu sending the photos, to the helpful guy who served me.  I will definitely be coming back and recommending you. " - Jackie.


                              Costume Accessores for Sale - Hats, Wigs, Hair, Eyes, Shoes, Weaponry and much more


                              "Thank you for all your assistance. I have come to centre stage and hired many costumes in the past and everyone has always exceeds my expectations and always go above & beyond.Keep up the fantastic work

                              Make Up

                              Stage Make Up, Make Up Kits, Special Effects Make Up, Zombie Make Up Kits


                              "I have taken a lot of time to review your special effects makeup kits (sorry it took so long), but I really wanted to test it out and try every product quite a few times.  I'll be posting the review on Instagram soon :) - Rani" - Read Full Review