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Most full costumes hire at $65 for a weekend with a $60 security deposit!  | We accept  credit card We accept Mastercard and Visa or EFTPOS  

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G   H   I  
Galadriel   Hag   I Dream Of Jeannie  
Game Hunter   Hagar   Idol ((Billy)  
Gandalf   Hair   Ike Turner  
Gangster   Half Man/Woman   Incredible Hulk  
Gatsby   Hamlet   Indian  
Geisha   Han Solo   Indian Squaw

General   Hansel   Indiana Jones  
Genie   Happy   Indian-Bollywood  
Gentleman   Harem Girl   Indira Ghandi  
George Michael   Harley Quin (Batman)

German Soldier   Harlot   Irishman  
Ghandi   Harpo Marx   Mr. Incredible  
Ghost   Harry Potter      
Ghoul   Hawaiian      
Gilligan's Island   Hawkeye      
Gimli   Headmaster      
Ginger Spice   Heather Graham      
Gladiator   Heidi      
Glinda (The Good Witch)   Helen Of Troy      
Gloria Gaynor   He Man

Gnome   Hendrix      
Goblin   Henry VIII      
Goddess   Hercules      
Godfather   Hermione      
Go-Go Dancer   Hero      
Goldilocks   Heroine      
Golfer   Hiawatha      
Gomez   Highlander      
Gorilla   Hillbilly      
Gothic   Hippie      
Governor   Hitler      
Graduate   Hoff (The)      
Grand Prix Driver   Hook      
Grease   Hooker      
Greek   Horatio Nelson

Greek Gladiator   Horror      
Gretel   Horse      
Grey Wolf   Hot Lips Houlihan      
Grid Iron   Huckleberry Finn      
Grim Reaper   Hugh Hefner      
Groom   Hula Dancer      
Groucho Marx   Hulk (The)      
Grumpy   Humphrey Bogart      
Guinevere (Queen consort of King Arthur)   Hunchback      
Gwen Stefani          

Costume Hire

Costume Hire Melbourne - Costumes A to Z - Thousands to Choose from at Centrestage Costumes Melbourne


"Thank you. I would like to say that your company is the best by far to deal with.  From the first call and yu sending the photos, to the helpful guy who served me.  I will definitely be coming back and recommending you. " - Jackie.


Costume Accessores for Sale - Hats, Wigs, Hair, Eyes, Shoes, Weaponry and much more


"Thank you for all your assistance. I have come to centre stage and hired many costumes in the past and everyone has always exceeds my expectations and always go above & beyond.Keep up the fantastic work

Make Up

Stage Make Up, Make Up Kits, Special Effects Make Up, Zombie Make Up Kits


"I have taken a lot of time to review your special effects makeup kits (sorry it took so long), but I really wanted to test it out and try every product quite a few times.  I'll be posting the review on Instagram soon :) - Rani" - Read Full Review