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The Crucible - A Blog About Pre-Production

Ok, emergency light is on!

Full costuming for 'The Crucible' - 28 costumes in all, and 28 days to produce it all.

We've got some of the right shirts, collars, vests & other 1693 vintage stuff.

Some of the stuff we made for 'Lord of the rings' can be used.

BUT, we'll still need 12 more dresses, 16 pilgrim aprons, 16 pilgrim bonnets, a full long skirt with bodice, 4 period jackets and breeches, 3 Pilgrim men's hats, 12 Ladies Pilgrim collar & cuff sets, ...& a few other odds and ends.
No big deal (gulp!).

First, the morning trip to the leafy outer eastern suburbs, to meet the director and measure the kids.

Day 1
Purchased 40m fabric - 7 different rustic sombre colours & textures, including the requested 'burnt orange'.
Burnt orange, now there's a problem already. One woman's burnt orange is another woman's tan or light brown. I got a confirmation from the fabric cutter at the store; she agreed it was burnt orange - felt a little more confident.
I should know. My mother, painter & artist generally, LIVED in burnt orange - it was 'her colour', and she was, according to my father, was THE expert in colour. Say no more re my colour paranoia.

Every day I look at my one month calendar. I pencilled in all the targets.
Cut 3 dresses, make 3 dresses, cut 5 dresses, make 5 dresses. Cut 4 men's coats, cut 4 breeches. Make 4 jackets, make breeches. Cut 16 bonnets, cut 24 cuffs, cut 14 women's collars. Cut & make full brown skirt. Cut & make brown bodice. Cut & make brown farmer vest. Buy/make/create 3 Pilgrim men’s hats with buckles.

A realistic timeframe for each job I though, even allowing 4 days for assembling and the last little frills.

But as days went on, it would get changes, jobs swapped & shifted, ruled off, all in all it is a mess of scribbles now, pencil & brio, days ruled off diagonally, covering layers of scribble.
...complete with coffee ring!

End of Day 23
On target - almost - still have to attach sleeve cuffs, & sew interfacing on dress necks. Zips in 2 dresses, hems on all dresses, flash collar for one dress; oh, and the little matter of 3 pilgrim men's hats. Fingers crossed the trusty Millinery supply shop will have something I can work with.
...and 4 days to do it all.

So far:
Used: 3 x 1000 meter cotton reels, around 100 meters fabric.

  • 16 bonnets
  • 14 Collars
  • 12 Full bodice dresses
  • 24 white cuffs
  • 9 Aprons
  • 4 men’s period coats
  • 4 men’s breeches
  • 1 Bustier
  • 1 men’s farmer vest
  • 1 brown full skirt

--------74 items total.

The Crucible - School Production - Costumes Mary Made in Melbourne
The Crucible - School Production - Costumes Mary Made in Melbourne



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