White Screen Contact Lenses




- Going blind? Turned Undead? The White Screen Contact Lenses are perfect for that milky eyed, unseeing vacant gaze!
- Please note, White Screen Contact Lenses do slightly affect your vision as it partially covers your cornea, creating a slight hazy, misty view when wearing them.
- Phantasee Crazy lenses are designed to offer funky and wild looking eyes that match with your costume. With a huge selection ranging from animal eyes to special effects movie characters, you will never run out of ideas for your party/cosplay outfit.
- All our Contact Lenses are useable for 6-12 months after the packet has been opened, requiring to be kept hydrated with Contact Lens solution and kept in a Contact Lens case easily acquirable from any Pharmacy.
- Do not go to sleep with Phantasee Contact Lenses in eyes. It is not recommended to keep Phantasee Contact Lenses in eyes for longer than a 6-8-hour period.
- If you notice any damage to your Contact Lenses or dirt or discolouration you should dispose of them and do not attempt to put them in your eyes.