Hundreds of Pairs of Shoes to Choose from - everything from fairy slippers to construction boots.  Drag Queens don't worry we have shoes to fit and match your costume perfectly.

Hundreds of Pairs of Shoes to Match Your Costume

General Description
Animal Sets (mostly headband with ears, tail & bowtie): Mouse, Bear, Tiger, Lion, Cat, Rabbit, Leopard, Dog
Capes Silver, Gold, Red
Crowns & Tiaras: King’s, Queen’s, Fairy etc.
Ears Elf, Goblin, Mr.Spock, Large, animal etc
Goth/Punk/Halloween: Devil horns, Devil forks, Studded fingerless gloves, studded Wristbands, Fake Piercings, Vampire Claws, Wolf Hands & feet, Rubber Bats, Cobwebs, assorted jewellery, Black Wings & Halos, Cross Necklaces etc
Hawaiian: Skirts, Shell/Flower/cocoanut bras etc.
Noses Witch, animal, Clown, Pinocchio etc.
Petticoats: White, Red, Black, 2-colour etc.
Pirates: Swords, Cutlasses, Blunderbusses (Pistols), Eye Patches, Hats, Tricorns, Bandanas, Parrots (for shoulder), Jolly Roger Flags, Tattoos, Tattoo sleeves etc
Police/Military: Badges, Aviators, Truncheons, Handcuffs, AK47’s, leg Holsters, Flack Vests, shoulder holsters, Bullet belts, gun sets etc
Roman: Laurel Leaf Headbands (green or gold)
Teeth: Dracula, Dracula deluxe, Silver, Austin Powers etc.
Western/Indian: Hats, Indian headdresses, Brave Headbands, necklaces, string ties, bowie knives, Gun & holster sets, Sheriff Badges, Cap Guns
Wings: Feathered, fabric, Angel, Butterfly, Fairy

Costume Accessories

Here are some of our most popular accessories.
If the item you are looking for is not listed please contact us. In store we have a wide range of products available for sale, including masks, party accessories, fun gifts etc.

Centrestage Costumes: Accessories - Shoeshead gear and hats


Hair Wear

  • WIGS (over 120 different styles in stock)
  • Moustaches Beards Sideburns
  • Bald caps Wig Caps Wig Blocks
  • Beards
  • Sideburns
  • Wig Caps
  • Wig Blocks
  • Eyelashes

False Eyelashes - loads of colours and styles moustaches, sideburns, beards and many other accessories to choose from

hundreds of hats and wigs to choose from

rack of wigs - hundreds to choose from

 Coloured Hairsprays

  • 120ml | Silver Gold Pink Red Purple Orange Yellow Green Blue White Black

Can't See What you Need... Just ask and we'll find it.


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