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Oil / Greased based

Mehron Foundation Pan Sticks-21gm-White, Alabaster, Extra Fair (2B), Neutral Buff (24), Eurasian Fair (EF), TV2, TV4,TV6,TV8,TV10-$22.5
Mehron Professional Clown White -65gm-The whitest white we’ve found!-$16.5
Set of 6 standard grease sticks -22gm-Red, White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Black-4.95
Set of 6 Metallic grease sticks-22gm-Silver, Gold, Pink, Purple, Green, Blue-4.95
Set of 6 Fluro/UV grease sticks-22gm-Yellow, Orange, Pink, Purple, Green, Blue-4.95
Rainbow Body Crayon-15gm-6 colours in one stick-5
Setting Powder -12gm-*...necessary for sealing grease paint-2
Setting Powder & Powder Puff-35gm-*...necessary for sealing grease paint-7.95
Black Kohl Pencil-1.45gm-Great lining or eye pencil-7.5
Water based
Mehron Pancake-56gm-White, Light Olive, Eurasian Fair, Light Tan-22.5
Steins Pancake-39gm-Brunette C7, Golden Tan C8, Copper C9, Bronze Tone C10, Red, Blue, Black-15
Liquid makeup -50ml-White, Black, Red, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Light Green, Dark Green, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Brown, Orange-9.5
A thick creamy consistency can be applied direct or watered down further. ---
CSC Liquid makeup-7ml-White, Black, Red, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Light Green, Dark Green, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Brown, Orange-2.5
7mls will cover one face.---
Mehron Cream Makeup -30ml-Silver, Gold-
Special Effects
Collodion with brush-4ml-For fast realistic scars-10.95
Spirit Gum with brush-2ml-For gluing stuff to skin-6.5
Spirit Gum w/crepe hair -3.75ml- - crepe hair, for moustaches, beards etc-14.5
Spirit Gum with brush-10ml--9.5
Spirit Gum Remover-30ml--9.5
Nicotine Tooth Effect -7ml-‘Paint-on’ smoker’s teeth look-3
Dermawax-35gm-For creating extra flesh-11.5
Dermawax-100gm-For creating extra flesh-17.5
Tooth Wax-12gm-For blacking out teeth-6.5
Deluxe Zombie Makeup Kit-475gm-All you need for a friendly massacre-29
Deluxe SPFX Kit -495gm-Friendly massacre & more,inc. 8 page instruction booklet-39
Crazy Contact Lenses -14ml-13 standard styles, Can be used for up to 12 months-29
CSC Stage Blood-50ml-Oozy, edible & WILL wash out of fabric-7.5
500ml Vampire Blood-500ml-Lotta blood! And great on fabric-14.95
Vampire Spray Blood -59ml-Great for quick ‘spatters’ on body & clothes-9.9
Vampire ‘Test tube’ Blood -20ml-Great colour and dries well on clothes too-6.5
Forum Blood Scab -28gm-Very thick, and will dry well-9.9
Vampire Liquid Blood Capsules (6 per pack)--Large quality caps-7.5
Blood Capsules (4 per pack)--Cheap ‘n cheerful-1.5
Coloured Hairspray-120ml-Black, White, Yellow, Pink, Orange, Red, Blue, Green, Purple-7.5
Metallic Hairspray-100gm-Gold, Silver (great for aging hair)-7.5
Set of 6 Hair Chalks-89gm-Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Pink-14.5

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