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Most full costumes hire between $45 and $65 for a weekend with a $60 security deposit!  | We accept  credit card We accept Mastercard and Visa or EFTPOS 
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Thousands of Costumes Available

Thousands of Costumes to choose from.  Accessories and Make Up Kits for Sale.

Costumes A to C

A   B   C  
Ace Ventura

Baby   C3PO  

Baby Spice   Cabaret  
Assasins Creed

Baker   Caeser  

Ball Dress

Ab Fab   Ballerina   Capone  
ABBA   Ballet Dancer   Captain  
Abraham Lincoln   Balthazar   Captain America (Male)

Adam Ant   BamBam   Captain America (Female)

Addams Family   Bananas in Pajamas   Captain Cook  
Admiral   Barbarella   Captain Hook  
African Native   Barney Rubble   Captain Kirk  
Agent Smith   Barrister   Carmen Miranda  
Air Hostess   Baseball Player   Carpenter  
Al Capone   Bashful (dwarf)   Cartoon  
Albert Einstein   Batman

Alexander the Great   Batman and Batgirl

Alexander The Large (Clockwork Orange)   Beach Belle   Cavalier  
Ali G   Bearded Lady   Caveman  
Alice Cooper   Beatles   Cavewoman  
Alice in Wonderland   Bee Gees   Centurion  
Alien   Beetle Juice

Charlie Chaplin  
Aligator   Beggar   Charlie's Angels  
Alley Cat   Bell Hop (Girl)

Amadeus   Belly Dancer   Cheerleader  
American Army   Benedictine Monk/Nun   Cher  
American Football Player   Betty Rubble   Chicken  
American Indian   Beverly Hills Cop   Chief  
Amphibian   Big Ears (Noddy)   Chinese  
Amy Winehouse   Biggles   Chips  
Anakin Skywalker   Biker   Chrissie Amplett  
Android   Billy Idol   Christine Aquilera  
Angel   Bird   Christmas Pudding  
Angus Young   Bishop   Christopher Columbus  
Animals   Black Cat   Cigarette Girl  
Annie Boyle   Black Morph Suit

Annie Lennox   Black Rider (LOTR)   Cindy Brady  
Annie Oakley   Black Widow   Clark Kent  
Anthony (& Cleopatra)   Blondie   Cleopatra  
Apache   Blue Velvet   Clockwork Orange

Ape   Blues Brothers   Clown  
Aphrodite   Bob Marley   Clyde Parker  
Apocalypse Now   Bobby   Colonel Sanders  
Arab   Bollywood

Aragorn   Bon Jovi   Conan the Barbarian  
Arch Bishop   Bonnie Parker   Constable  
Aretha Franklin   Boogie Nights   Convict  
Ariel   Border Guards

Army Colonel   Boromir   Cop  
Arthur (King)   Bowler   Corpse Bride-Tim Burton  
Artist   Boxer   Cossack  
Arwen   Boy George   Court Jester  
Arwen (LOTR)   Brady Bunch   Cowboy  
Athena   Brain Surgeon   Cowgirl  
Attila the Hun   Brave (Indian)   Crew  
Audrey Hepburn   Braveheart

Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)   Brazilian   Crocodile  
Austin Powers   Breakfast at Tiffany's   Crocodile Dundee

Australian Army   Bride   Cruella De Ville  
Austrian   British Bobby

Avatar   Britney Spears   Cycopse

Avengers (Hulk Cpt. America ect.)   Bruce Wayne   Cycopse Close Up

Avril Lavigne   Buddha   Cyndi Lauper  
Axe man   Buddy Holly      
Axel Rose   Bunny      
    Bunny Girl      
    Bush Ranger      
    Butch Cassidy      

Zombie Make Up Kits

Coloured Contact Lenses

Black Coloured Contact Lenses for Fancy Dress

A Brilliant Range of Coloured Contact Lenses for Fancy Dress.

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Make Up Kits In Store and Online Day of the Dead Zombie Stage centrestage costumes melbourne

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Masquerade Masks

Masquerade Masks - Masquerade Balls Centrestage Costumes

Costume Hire

Costume Hire Melbourne - Costumes A to Z - Thousands to Choose from at Centrestage Costumes Melbourne


"Thank you. I would like to say that your company is the best by far to deal with.  From the first call and yu sending the photos, to the helpful guy who served me.  I will definitely be coming back and recommending you. " - Jackie.


Costume Accessores for Sale - Hats, Wigs, Hair, Eyes, Shoes, Weaponry and much more


"Thank you for all your assistance. I have come to centre stage and hired many costumes in the past and everyone has always exceeds my expectations and always go above & beyond.Keep up the fantastic work

Make Up

Stage Make Up, Make Up Kits, Special Effects Make Up, Zombie Make Up Kits


"I have taken a lot of time to review your special effects makeup kits (sorry it took so long), but I really wanted to test it out and try every product quite a few times.  I'll be posting the review on Instagram soon :) - Rani" - Read Full Review